Event Layout

There’s only a couple of weeks to go before the opening of the first annual Multicultural Menu, a food fair with flair.  I’m eager to see all the great foods from around the world.

To make it easier to travel through the regions and not get lost or forget where you started or if you’ve already visited those stores; the event is fully colour coordinated per region.  You can enter any region you wish from the landing zone and then either return the landing area and pick a new region or just make your way ‘around the world’ and visit them all one after the other.

Multicultural Menu Event Layout

European Region

Mediterranean Region

Asian Region

South Pacific Region

South American Region

North American Region

At the entrance to each region you will find the above map, along with a list of which store is at which number on the map.  All store signs at the front of the booths are also searchable via local area search, and as long as you have beacons activated you will be able to locate them quickly.

The areas between North and South American and between Mediterranean and Asian regions have some fun interactive things to enjoy.  All food related of course.  But we are leaving that a surprise for when you visit.  There is also plenty of areas to park your avatar in the central area and cam shop knowing your avatar is safely seated out of everyone’s way.

We all look forward to seeing you in your foody travels around the world come June 1st.


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